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Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Youth risk behavior Survey

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) was developed by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Unlike the Communities That Care Youth Survey, which focuses on risk and protective factors, the YRBS focuses on measuring youth behavior associated with the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. These behavioral data help schools, government agencies, and community organizations develop health programs and drug abuse and violence prevention plans. Follow-up waves of YRBS data can be used to monitor progress toward meeting program benchmarks.


The high school version of the 2007 YRBS questionnaire includes 87 items that address these five risk behavior areas: (1) alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use; (2) behaviors that lead to unintentional injuries and violence; (3) sexual behaviors that contribute to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases; (4) poor nutrition; and (5) low levels of physical activity. The middle school version of the questionnaire addresses the same five behavioral categories using a reduced item set with only 49 questions.

Click here to view a sample high school questionnaire

Click here to view a sample middle school questionnaire


Rothenbach Research and Consulting can supply communities with a full range of services. These include questionnaire/answer sheet scanning, dataset preparation (following the CDC's latest guidelines), and report development. Our YRBS reports are high-quality professional documents that present comprehensive survey results in an easy-to-read format. Each report includes a results summary section with findings grouped by subject area, a detailed results section with complete frequency distributions for each item, and comparisons to national YRBS results.

Rothenbach Research and Consulting also works with clients who elect to administer a custom version of the YRBS by providing questionnaire development and custom report development services.